Freedom Journey 1
Revision A, updated 06/10/2004

by Paul Cook

YOU CAN BE FREE! This is a study to help you walk to freedom from whatever sin you may be struggling with.   I have written the study with the sex addict in mind, but the principles apply to anyone seeking a closer walk with Jesus.  My prayer is that you, like me, will discover the freedom that is yours in Jesus.    

Freedom Journey is based on the teachings of the Bible.  If you have not placed your trust in Jesus, we encourage you to first visit our non-Christian help and Peace with God pages, before proceeding through Freedom Journey.   

To maximize the effectiveness of this study, I recommend that you keep a written journal of your progress through each page of the study.  You'll want to keep a Bible handy as you go through the study, as there are frequent scripture references.  

Please work through the pages in the order that they are presented in the study.  Skipping ahead will be like trying to build a house without the proper foundation.  Each page builds on the concepts presented in the pages preceding it.

Please let us know if you are taking this study so we may pray for you (open contact form).

Study Outline:

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**This course is available in a single document (PDF format). (Click Here)

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