Cabin Progress

Wow, in looking at and re-reading the original page about our cabin project I have begun to realize how much work we have put in down there. We have spent probably over one thousand dollars attempting to get the crossing so we are able to drive across it. We have rented a Bobcat type tractor a few times and have dug a lot of the dirt that was placed there during high water. We also dumped about 10 tons of broken concrete decking down into the creek to give it a bottom. We then put about 6 tons of smaller gravel down on the sides. With all of that being done, we really aren't any closer to being able to drive a car across that crossing. It has rained several times, enough so that caused the river to rise and thus the creek to back up into this crossing and dump a whole lot of silt, mud, leaves, etc. in the crossing. The last time I looked there was at least 2 feet of stuff on the edges of the crossing. In the middle of the creek, it is nice and solid. The concrete decking pieces we dumped in there did exactly as we had hoped and gave us a solid base, but the sides to get down to the creek and back up are another problem. I'm thinking with a Bobcat, it would take us at least a half a day to get all of that stuff cleaned back out.

The question which keeps going around in our minds..."Should we look at building a bridge across this creek? Should we get a 3 foot drain tile and put in there, then fill in around it on both sides?" I have thought a lot about building the bridge, but I'm thinking this would/could end up being a pretty big project and if not built properly with the proper footings, it could just float away when the creek rises again. I'm leaning a bit towards putting a drainage tile or similar in there, but then the budget comes into play as I'm sure those aren't cheap, then finding the stuff to put on either side to build it up. I'm open to suggestions and if anyone has ideas, please send them my way.